Beauty Haul and Mini Review!

Hello and happy extremely belated new year! I want to start off by saying 2016 was an amazing year for me. I got to work on so many shoots and projects, created beautiful images with amazing teams, and made lots of new friends. 2017 is already starting off great for me and I hope it's great for everyone as well! 

IMATS Los Angeles happened recently and it was crazy. The only time I attended was in 2015. I didn't get to in 2016, but I worked at The Makeup Show and PHAMExpo, which was pretty cool. I was excited to work this year because I brought my friend, and assistant, Ashley, who has never been to a makeup trade show. I wanted to show her ALL THE THINGS. I was also excited because I wanted to get specific things for my kit that I don't want to get online, like brushes, for I'm extremely picky with them; I have to touch and feel them before buying. Nothing is worse than ordering brushes online and finding out it's not what you expected.

TOP TO BOTTOM: 112, 230, 302, 203, and 202

TOP TO BOTTOM: 112, 230, 302, 203, and 202

Before the show started, I went straight to the Smith Cosmetics booth and bought more of my new, favorite brushes. The brushes themselves are very high quality and the bristles are so soft. I haven't experienced any shedding since I got my first set in November. The handles also feel really nice in my hand and I feel like Picasso when I use them. I bought another 230 and 202 brush. The 230 is my new favorite for applying color into the crease because it doesn’t completely buff the color away. The 202 is lovely for eyeliner. Liquid liner can be unsanitary using it straight from the tube/pen, so this brush made it easier for application. I like to mix gel liner with a medium and apply using a liner brush because I have more control. I wanted to try new brushes so I picked up the 112, 203, and 302. The 112 is perfect for contouring or applying powder in certain areas. The 302 is for lips; I like this one because it's curved and it hugs the lip in a certain way. The 203 can be used for brows and/or liner. I like the 203 because of how short the bristles are. Whereas, for example, the Anastasia #7 brush has longer bristles. Smith Cosmetics has really impressed me with the quality of their products and I will always support them.

Smith Cosmetics can be purchased here.

I didn't plan on purchasing brushes from Royal and Langnickel, until I walked past the booth and touched the display for their new Omnia collection. I stopped and said, "Oh my god, I need them all!" This collection includes synthetic bristles and natural bristles. I got the natural bristles because I dislike synthetic for powder products. They were surprisingly affordable for having natural hair. With the pro discount, all of them were under $20, except for a few of the bigger face brushes. The #37 brush (top) is a delicately packed brush, perfect for soft application of powder, blush, or bronzer. The #38 brush (middle) is slightly denser and also more tapered, which is good for powdering underneath the eyes or applying highlighter. The last brush I got was the #48 brush (bottom). I have been on the hunt for a soft pencil brush and I couldn't find one, until now! This one is so soft and flexible, which is exactly what I'm looking for.

These brushes are not available until March, but you can see the full collection here

Top to bottom: BOM-37, BOM-38, BOM-48

Top to bottom: BOM-37, BOM-38, BOM-48

Saving the best for last, I picked up the Viseart highlight and sculpt palette and the new Theory Petit Pro. I tested out the highlight and sculpt palette last year when I assisted my friend Elsie on a wedding and for some reason, it didn't impress me. However, I tried it again at IMATS and fell in love. The highlights are so finely milled that they become one with the skin and creates a beautiful seamless sheen that doesn't emphasize any texture. The sculpting shades are very well done because there are no orange or red undertones, just neutral shades to achieve naturally defined cheekbones.

The Petit Pro is so adorable. It has all the shades needed to create a soft daytime look or a sultry evening look in a compact case. I hope they release more of these petit palettes in the future because the formula is just as amazing as their other Theory palettes.

You can purchase Viseart through Frends Beauty or Muse Beauty, but the Petit Pro is exclusive through Muse! You better hurry before they sell out! 

I think I was a smart shopper this year because I took my time looking at all the products and decided if I absolutely needed it or not. I didn't buy anything useless and I didn't buy stuff simply because it was limited edition. I had a great time and I can't wait for all the other trade shows!

Side note: I know a lot pros hate going to trade shows now because it's being overrun by bloggers, influencers, non-pros, etc. Personally, I love these trade shows because I get to see all my friends from Facebook all in one place. I also get to meet huge makeup artists like Ve Neill and Gregory Arlt, and I get to meet the owners of my favorite brands like Viseart, Senna Cosmetics, and Smith Cosmetics. #notsponsored