Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation Review

Becca is the master of glowing skin and she recently launched a new foundation that is the definition of dewy. The Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation is one of my favorite dewy, light coverage foundations, and it's one that works on all skin types, including oily skin. 

As some of you know, I freelance for Becca, so here's my little speech about this foundation: It's a light to medium coverage foundation that comes in 8 flexible shades. It contains 32% water, so it's very hydrating, and it also contains hyaluronic acid to lock in moisture. This foundation has a dewy finish, which gives the skin a beautiful youthful glow without feeling or looking oily. 

The Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation retails for $44 and contains the standard 30 ml/1 fl. oz. It comes in a frosted glass bottle. The foundation itself is dispensed via a dropper, which I absolutely hate. I think the dropper is so impractical. It gets very dirty if you're not careful with it. I have to put the dropper back into the bottle real slow to avoid getting foundation all over the stopper. It's also frustrating when the pump doesn't suck up foundation, so you have to close the bottle and try again a few times. 

This foundation is great for people who like natural looking makeup, who have normal to dry skin, who have a small amount of imperfections, and mature skin. It's perfect for a 'no makeup' makeup look. I've used this foundation on people of all ages, some with lots of wrinkles, and some with acne and redness, and this foundation looks beautiful on them. I wouldn't recommend this to someone who wants to cover all imperfections because it's not full coverage. You're not going to achieve a flawless porcelain doll finish with this. I also wouldn't recommend this if you have extremely oily skin. I have combination/oily skin and this works perfectly fine on me.

Natural light

With flash

Longevity: With a mattifying primer underneath and RCMA No Color on top, this foundation lasts all day on my skin. I can wear this for a full 12 hours and not touch up once. Of course, it does get a little shiny on my skin, but I don't get excessively shiny to the point where it looks like I poured oil on my face. I can touch up easily with some blotting paper. This foundation doesn't feel heavy at all on my skin either. I'd say this foundation is similar to MAC Face & Body in terms of finish, but when compared to each other, I can only wear the Face & Body for about 4 hours before it gets really shiny and heavy on my skin, even with primer and powder. I also find that the coverage doesn't fade through out the day, which is something I've experienced before with other foundations. 

Shade: I wear this in the shade medium and it's a good match. It's a tiny bit darker than my normal skin, but it blends in nicely. I only wear this foundation when I'm tan. Becca claims that the shades are "flexible", meaning they'll adjust to your skin tone, but I don't believe it. Alone, this foundation is a little too neutral for me. I've been mixing it with one drop of Makeup Forever's Chromatic Mix in yellow (water based) and it looks a lot better. 

Coverage: The coverage on this foundation is a light to medium. I think it has potential to reach full coverage, but it would feel really heavy on the skin. It evens out my skin tone and covers my acne hyperpigmentation beautifully. However there are a few darker spots on my face that this doesn't cover well, so I go in with concealer afterwards to cover any pesky spots. 

Finish: As I mentioned earlier, this foundation has a natural dewy finish AND IT LOOKS LIKE SKIN. The best foundations, in my opinion, need to look like skin. When I'm shopping for myself or my kit, I only consider adding the ones that have a skin-like finish. This foundation is really great for men and women who don't like the look of having makeup on. I'm not a huge fan of the heavy makeup look, but if that's your jam, go for it. 

Application: My favorite ways of applying this foundation are with the Real Techniques stippling brush and the Morphe G6 brush. I like the stippling brush for foundations with a thin texture so I can easily build coverage in certain areas. The G6 brush is great for a quick and even application. I also tried this with a Beauty Blender and that worked just fine. 

I seriously cannot get enough of this foundation. I've been using it over the MUFE Ultra HD Foundation Stick and my trusty Esteé Lauder Double Wear. I'm so happy this foundation exists because I've been steering away from full coverage foundations that look really heavy on the skin. If you have good skin, show it off!

What's your favorite foundation at the moment? Tell me in the comments below!