Viseart Theory 02 Minx Palette Review & Swatches

Viseart recently released 3 new palettes for Spring 2016 that will be part of their permanent line called the Theory Palettes and they're so adorable. Today I'll be reviewing the Minx palette, which features luxurious warm tones. These are available now on Muse Beauty and Sephora. 

If you want to see swatches of the original palettes, I've reviewed them here

The palettes retail for $45 ($36 with pro discount) and contain 12 g/0.42 oz. Each palette has six shadows, three matte and three shimmer. Each palette also has one shadow from the original collection and five brand new shadows. 

The palette that I have is called the 02 Minx. There are two more palettes, which I don't have yet, called the Cashmere and the Chroma. The concept of the Theory palettes is that you have 3 palettes that are designed to compliment different skin tones and hair colors. The Minx palette is ideal for auburn to warm brunette hair and medium to deep skin tones.

The packaging is so perfect for artists. It's lightweight and compact, which is great for artists because every ounce and inch of space counts. The palette closes by a magnet and opens by pulling on the little ribbon, revealing the beautiful shadows inside. One teeny tiny downside is that the outside is that soft rubber, similar to NARS packaging, which gets dirty easily. 

While I was swatching this palette, I noticed that they're a lot creamier and more pigmented than the original palettes.

The matte shades:

  • Cream. 
  • Warm mid tone brown
  • Deep chocolate

The metallic shades:

  • Champagne 
  • Copper-gold
  • Muted rusty red(?)

My favorite feature about this palette is that the shadows are magnetic! It's a first for Viseart to have  depot-able  shadows. If you have all three palettes, you can rearrange them and have your favorite colors in one palette, or take them all out and put them into an empty palette like the Makeup Forever Metal Palettes. 

Thankfully, the sides of the palette has grooves so you can easily take out each pan with your fingers. You don't have to use a spatula and risk damaging the shadows or flinging them across the room. 

I'm planning to get the other two palettes because I just can't resist. Order yours now at Sephora or Muse Beauty!


Disclaimer: I did not receive any money to talk about any brands mentioned above. I bought these products with my own money. All opinions are also my own. 

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