Viseart 01, 04, & 05 Eyeshadow Palettes Review

After a year of seeing and hearing people rave about the Viseart eyeshadow palettes, I had to try it for myself. While I was in Chicago, I was staying with my friend Sophia and she let me use it on her and I was blown away. The pigmentation and blendability (is that even a word) are absolutely amazing. And dare I say, these are the best eyeshadows on the market right now. 

01 Neutral Matte (top left), 04 Dark Matte (right), 05 Sultry Muse (bottom left)

01 Neutral Matte (top left), 04 Dark Matte (right), 05 Sultry Muse (bottom left)

If you don't know about Viseart, they're a small, but growing company based in Paris. Each eyeshadow is hand pressed, so these palettes are made with lots of love and skill. They are also cruelty free, which I love. Viseart has seven eyeshadow palettes available, three shimmer palettes and four matte palettes. These two are my favorite out of the bunch. They also have lip color and concealer palettes which are just as amazing. 

Each eyeshadow palette retails for $80 ($60-$64 with pro discount) and contains 24 g/0.84 oz of product. $80 seems expensive for just an eyeshadow palette, but you're not going to find shadows this amazing. If you do the math, each shadow is roughly $6.60 and contains 0.07 oz of product. MAC eyeshadow pans are $6 ($3.60 with pro discount) and these contain 0.04 oz of product. If you were to buy 12 MAC shadows, it would equal $72 ($43.20 with pro discount), but you would only get 0.48 oz of product total, which is almost half of what a Viseart palette contains. Plus, you have to buy your own empty palette if you don't have one already.

All Viseart palettes come in a small, sturdy plastic case with a clear top, which is so user friendly. I can just open my kit and see all the colors I have. I don't have to dig and open each palette to see the colors. I've seen people complain about Viseart palettes being so expensive and having "cheap" packaging, but if they came in heavy metal cases with swirls and 24K gold designs, I'm sure it would cost over $100 for each palette (so stop complaining about everything). Plus, I don't want to lug around 5 pounds of palettes. 

For $80, you're paying for the quality of the eyeshadows. You don't have to spend a lot of time building up color, blending, or worrying about the shadows fading. Even without a primer, these don't fade or crease, which is very important while working on photo shoots, films, or brides.  You want the highest quality products for your kit, so I highly recommend investing in these. 

What I love about these palettes is that they're so lightweight compared to my MUFE XL metal palettes. I love those as well because they're extremely sturdy. I've dropped them a few times and my shadows and blushes were completely unharmed. But the problem is that they're really heavy and not compact at all. 

Before we go on to swatches, I have to warn you all about a few things. Do NOT try to depot these into a Z palette because these shadows are very fragile. You can try if you want but you'll end up with broken shadows and a broken heart. Also, do NOT spray these with alcohol or Beauty So Clean because, again, these are fragile and will crumble if you spray them with alcohol. 

If you've made it this far, I'm glad I didn't bore you to death. Time for swatches!

01 Neutral Matte

The Neutral Matte palette is insanely pigmented. I gently dip my brush in once, tap off the excess, and that's more than enough product. The blendability of these shadows are incredible too. I can just slap some on the eyes, blend for a few seconds, and it'll look perfect. Viseart's matte shadows are sooo buttery smooth too. They remind me of the matte shades in the Lorac Pro palettes. None of these are dry or patchy. One thing I don't understand about this palette is why it's arranged the way it is. It goes from dark to light. Maybe is a Parisian thing? This palette is an amazing multitasker. I can use it for eyes, brows, or the face. 

(Note: These are all swatched without primer on the skin and using my finger to apply to show intensity. These will look differently when applied with a brush on the eyes. This is also my first time photographing swatches so please forgive me if the color description doesn't match the picture <3. )

Row 1:

  • Light peach - I love using this for a hint of color when I'm doing a really clean look on fair skin.
  • Pale salmon - This shade, along with the cream and white, can be used to set eye primer. 
  • Cream - I like to use this color under the brow bone for a soft highlight.
  • White - This shade looks amazing as a soft inner corner highlight when I don't want to use a shimmery color. 

Row 2:

  • Classic dark brown - I love using this shade to contour the eye or to line the eye as opposed to black. I feel like this shade is unique, or maybe it's the formula, because if I apply too much, I can buff it out and it diffuses and softens beautifully. 
  • Terracotta orange
  • Warm mid tone brown -This is a perfect color for softly defining the crease and used between the crease and brow bone. 
  • Neutral mid tone brown - I like to use this color to contour the face. It's not too warm, too cool, or too dark, which makes this perfect for light to medium skin tones. 

Row 3:

  • Intense black - This is the smoothest blackest black EVER. I barely dip my brush into the pan and it's enough pigment. MAC Carbon is more of a charcoal black, Makeup Geek Corrupt is pitch black, but it's dry and can apply patchy. 
  • Cool gray
  • Gray with lavender undertones
  • Neutral-warm brown - This shade is perfect for contouring medium to tan skin tones. 


04 Dark Matte

The Dark Matte palette is dark and delicious. It features lots of jewel tones, which are my favorite colors ever. I really love mixing this palette with the Neutral Matte palette to create unique colors. The Dark Mattes is great for creative looks, but you can definitely use some colors in here for every day looks. The shadows in this palette are just as smooth and pigmented as the Neutral Matte palette. The purples and blues are a great alternative to black or brown liner. I have tried a lot of matte reds, purples, and blues, from MUFE, MAC, Inglot, and they're either dry or not pigmented. 



Row 1:

  • Tan
  • Dark neutral brown - This is such a great color to contour on deeper skin tones. This shade is also perfect for contouring the eye when you're using bold colors on the lid.
  • Burgundy - I love red eyeshadow, but no one makes it right, except Viseart. I've tried MAC, Makeup Forever, and Makeup Geek, but they're very muted and bland reds. I love the intensity of this one. 
  • Sienna brown

Row 2: 

  • Plum - This is my favorite color out of the entire palette. I'm always searching for purples. 
  • Grape - For some reason, this particular shadow isn't as pigmented and smooth as the other shadows.
  • Creamsicle orange
  • Burnt orange - One of my favorites. 

Row 3:

  • Ocean blue
  • Intense navy blue - I don't think I have EVER tried a shadow as pigmented and rich as this blue. 
  • I can't think of a way to describe this green. 
  • Olive Green

05 Sultry Muse

This is my absolute favorite palette. It really has the essential shimmers for any look. Most of the eyeshadows in this palette have a shimmer, satin, and metallic finish with exception of a few that have glitter particles. These are the best shimmers I have ever tried. 

In terms of texture, these are very smooth, similar to Lorac and Urban Decay. The difference is that the Viseart shadows aren't extremely creamy to the point where it bunches up and crumbles when you apply. These also remind me of my Inglot pearl shadows which I still love. The texture is similar, but the pigmentation is completely different. 

Row 1:

  • Shimmery white with white glitter
  • Shimmery light bronze - My favorite color out of the entire palette. It looks great all over the lid or as an inner corner highlight on deeper skin tones
  • Satin cream with white glitter
  • S beige with gold glitter

The glitter in the three colors is not overwhelming at all. I definitely recommend using a primer or a light layer of glitter glue to prevent the glitter from flying everywhere. 

Row 2:

  • Metallic rose
  • Satin deep brown - This is a gorgeous color, either as a liner or in the crease. 
  • Metallic copper
  • Satin rust - If you want to look like you haven't slept for a week, this is the perfect color for that. 

Row 3: 

  • Shimmery silver
  • Satin pink - This shade is so so soft. It's perfect if you want to wear something on your eyes that isn't your typical beige, champagne, gold, etc. 
  • Shimmery slate - A lovely color for a sexy smokey eye. 
  • Pale metallic gold

Overall, I LOVE these palettes to death. Ever since I got these, I retired my old shadow palette which was the MUFE XL palette that had a mix of Inglot, Lorac, and Makeup Geek. I highly recommend investing in these for your kit. If I had to choose one palette, I would go with the neutral matte palette because of how versatile it is, You can do eyes, brows, and cheeks. Viseart is expensive, but it's worth every single dollar. These palettes will last you a lifetime. 

Authorized  U.S. retailers: Sephora, Frends Beauty, Nigel's Beauty Emporium, Muse Beauty, Camera Ready Cosmetics, and. Alcone Co.. Please don't buy from eBay because you will get fake palettes. 

Here are a few images where I used the Viseart Neutral Matte and Sultry Muse palettes. I haven't gotten a chance to use the Dark Matte palette on a shoot yet, but I will soon! Photos by Courtney Daily.


Disclaimer: I did not receive any money to talk about any brands mentioned above. I bought these products with my own money. All opinions are also my own. 

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